Arum Hints at Lomachenko vs Lopez for September

Las Vegas, NV | June 3, 2020, midnight

The Corona virus has placed the world on hold. Boxing is no exception. One of the fights boxing fans were hoping to see this spring was between Pound-for-Pound king Vasiliy Lomanchenko and the talented Teofimo Lopez. Still, it is not clear when it will happen. Unlike the UFC, boxing hasn’t resumed its activity. Not even closed arena fights are in the works.

Perhaps promoters and networks are waiting for things to get back to normal. Perhaps they don’t want to put together cards without fans being present at the venues.  This week, however, Top Rank boss, Bob Arum gave us a glimpse of when this fight might happen. In an interview with ESPN, he said “That's going to be one of our September cards, where we're going to be open to, hopefully, spectators”  

Let’s hope that September will be the month when boxing returns with a bang.  And no mega fight is closer than Lomachenko vs Lopez. They both have made it clear that they want to face each other.  This fight could have big ramifications throughout the lightweight division.  We could see fights between Lomachenko and Haney.  Teofimo and Ryan Garcia.  The lightweight division is ripe for great fights if they all chose to fight and prove who is the greatest among lightweights.

The down side could be no boxing in September and pushing potentially great fights closer to 2021.  Let’s hope for the best. 2020 could still be a year of few good fights or a year to forget completely.

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