Jose Pedraza vs. Mikkel LesPierre canceled due to COVID-19

Las Vegas, NV | June 18, 2020, 11:02 p.m.

In yet another blow to Top Rank, the main event for tonight's bout has been canceled due to LesPierre's manager testing positive to COIVD-19.  Jose Pedraza and Mikkel LesPierre were the event in Top Rank's event in Las Vegas. Last week, another big fight was canceled due to Mikaela Mayer testing positive for the CoronaVirus.

Gabriel Flores and Josec Ruiz are now set as the main event in a 10-round fight. All this comes at a time when Top Rank has been struggling with ratings after the long awaited return of boxing to ESPN. Shakur Stevenson last Tuesday, averaged 397,000 viewers. Last Thursday's card featuring Jessie Magdaleno averaged 350,000 viewers. Not the numbers Top Rank and ESPN were expecting and this fight will not break the trend. Pedraza vs LesPierre cancelation will certainly put a dent to the viewership count.

The big story of tonight's card will be the anonymous person who bet $187,847.35 to win only $4,000-plus on Flores to beat Josec Ruiz. Flores is the huge favorite to win over the Josec Ruiz.  Essentially, Ruiz has a good record against poor competition. Still, the bet poses a huge risk for very little gain.

The rest of the card features Prospect David Kaminsky vs Clay Collard.  Kaminsky is expected to beat Collard but Clay defeated Raymond Guajardo back in February. That fight was supposed to be the showcase for the young-upcoming Guardado. Let's see if Clay Collard can pull another upset and take that 0 from one more undefeated prospect.

The three other fights consist of young talent. One of them is Adrien Servin whose record stands at 0-0-0. What a way to enter a professional career in a nationwide televised event.

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