Possible Pacquiao Opponents. GGG?

Los Angeles, CA | June 3, 2020, midnight

Freddy Roach sat down with DAZN’s Chris Mannix to talk about, among other things, Paquiao fighting GGG. Wait, what? — You heard it right. Manny Pacquiao and Gennady Golovkin going toe to toe. Sounds ludicrous doesn’t it? well, nothing shocks us any more.  When big money is involved, Pacquiao vs GGG could become a reality. Let’s hope not.

To put this into perspective, Manny started his professional career at flyweight. That’s a little over 100 pounds. During his illustrious career he’s fought in, flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, and middle weight.  Pacquiao’s fight against Margarito was fought at a catchweight of 150 pounds.  Margarito’s slug speed was no match for Pacquiao’s lighting speed and terrific footwork and technical skills.  That’s the reason he captured the Light Middleweight crown during that fight.  Fighting GGG at 160 pounds might be too much to handle for the Senator.  Pacquiao is 41 years old, his height is at 5’5” and though he had a great fight against Thurman (at welterweight) I don’t think fighting GGG would go that well for him.

  Freddy Roach mentioned that a fight against Mikey Garcia is a good matchup but he also said, and I quote,  “Manny might go a little higher and fight GGG” . The expression on Mannix’s face was priceless.  Some sort of eye roll and a nod almost saying, that’s crazy but OK. When Mannix asked “would you put him at 160” Roach responded “No, I wouldn’t put him at 160”.  Let’s hope if that fight ever happens that it will be at a catch weight.  I don’t think GGG could go as low as 150 but 155 could be a realistic weight. And that’s pushing it.

We all get it. Pacquiao is a legend and he is at the cusp of his boxing career and his political life. He wants to leave the sport with a bang.  Whatever that fight might be, it should be a memorable event and not a fight that we all would want to forget.

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