Felix Verdejo Charged With Killing Pregnant Lover

San Francisco, CA | May 4, 2021, 4:55 p.m.

Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo will remain in jail without bail after facing the initial hearing of the case against him for the murder of Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz. Verdejo was arrested Sunday night and is currently awaiting trail where he could face the death penalty.

Verdejo allegedly had an 11 year extramarital affair with Rodriguez. The events that led to his arrest started on April 29, 2021 when Rodriguez was reported missing to the Puerto Rico Police Bureau. On May 1, 2021, the victim's body was recovered by police in the San Jose Lagoon.

A day after the arrest, the FBI announced that they interviewed someone who had "first-hand" personal knowledge of the events surrounding the death of the victim.

According to the witness, the victim was pregnant with Verdejo's child and on April 27, the boxer offered help to terminate the pregnancy. On April 29, Rodriguez drove to meet Verdejo and the witness. She later entered Verdejo's Black Dodge Durango. After a brief conversation Verdejo punched the victim in the face and injected her with a substance he purchased from a drug store. Verdejo and the witness then proceeded to bind the victim's legs and arms with wire and attached a block to her body.

The witness drove the victim's car and followed Verdejo towards Teodoro Moscoso Bridge which crosses the San Jose Lagoon located between San Juan and Carolina. It was there in the bridge where Verdejo and the witness tossed off the victim into the water. Verdejo shot at the victim with a pistol from the bridge. The victim's car was later abandoned.

The 27 year old Verdejo had a promising career after a successful amateur run. In October 2012 he turned professional by joining Top Rank. He was branded as one of the top talents in the promotion.  His career took a stumble when he was TKOd by Antonio Lozada in March of 2018. Since then he tried to resurrect his status but lost again in December 2020 against Massayoshi Nakatani via 9 round TKO.

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